Struggled As A Fresher - A Journey

Starting with my favorite quote.

"Arise ! Awake and stop not until the goal is reached" 
- Swami Vivekananda

Note: Here a fresher means a recent graduate.
The technology market is improving day by day and unrealistic things are getting realistically proven in every corner of the world, but today's education system is still sustaining the same position for the last 20 - 25 years in our country.

Seeking a job as a fresher is really difficult in the current competitive world. As a fresher, I struggled a lot after completing my PG course to find a job. Since I am an MCA graduate, I had 6 months project training during the last semester and used to attend all the off campus interviews in and around my city.

To be honest, I didn't have anybody to guide me during that time and missed all the chances even though I was top in the class. But every time some of my friends got selected I wondered how when they were not good performers in their studies. Until that time, I was thinking that getting job is very easy; all you have to do is to concentrate only on studies and get the distinction. I did it, but finally couldn't achieve anything as a top of the class as well as university rank holder.

Initially, I was very worried and vexed. After attending the 5th company interview, I realized that without proper preparation, I would not be getting selected even in the 100th company. From that moment, I started analyzing what went wrong in all the way and what needs to be improved from my side to step forward.

Firstly, I spent much time on solving the math aptitudes and reasoning puzzles on each area which I was unable to solve during the interviews and for reference, surfed and took many sample papers from the cloud. Gradually, I gained confidence and for the next interview onwards got selected in all the first rounds (probably 2 companies) but oops! I was rejected in the technical rounds even after having strong concepts because I couldn't deliver it in proper way due to fear and a language barrier problem. Even after the interview rounds, when I tried to recall what I spoke, truly I didn't remember even a single word.

I started collecting the sample HR interview questions over the internet and practiced in front of the mirror. I recorded my voice in mobile and listened repeatedly to correct the mistakes. During that time, I moved to Chennai with my friends for a job; I remember, the day was September 27, 2010. After all the preparation of around 10 months, I got strong enough to face interviews. I had shared my resume with one of my neighbors. She was working in a US based software company in Chennai.

Yes, I got an interview call one fine day (Oct 4, 2010) from the company. This time, I faced the interview with confidence and showcased my skills better.


Finally, I made it... ;)

Message I would like to leave here

If you want to be successful in your life, analyze and prepare yourself in all the aspects related to your goal, and move forward. You will reap your desired fruit one day for sure....

- Passionate Tester 

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