The Future Of Microsoft Phones

This is what, currently, all Microsoft phone developers are going through. When the developers are hoping for Surface phones to come up in the Enterprise market, already existing vendors are expiring their apps. Amazon just intimated to all Windows apps users that the Amazon app for Windows won't exist anymore and trust me, being a Windows phone user and developer, it was very disappointing for me.

So, what should we developers do now? Stick to the platform or start working on something else? Great question and many answers. So, here comes my view after attending a Microsoft conference.
A few months back, I was going through the same dilemma and then, BOOM! I attended the Build Tour India '16, which changed the way I look at the current situation.
We devs are limiting ourselves to phone apps development only, but we have a lot coming our way.
With the merger with Xamarin, Microsoft has opened many doors for devs. And now, Windows 10 Universal apps development has brought more ways to be on top.
IoT, which comes in Windows 10 universal development, is the future. As we can see, the augmented reality is taking over and in a few more years, the world will revolve around augmented reality. We have to gear up and take on the challenge to start building for IoT.
It has a lot coming up even for differently abled persons.
Guys, being related to Microsoft technologies, we can contribute a lot more to the IoT than you think. So, buckle up and start building. You have a long way to go.