Timezone Conversion Issue In CRM To BC Integration


Recently we faced a date issue while sending invoice data from Dynamics 365 to Business Central.


We have implemented Dynamics 365 and Business Central integration using KingswaySoft toolkit. While testing invoice details created in Business central, we found an issue with the date, it was one day behind the CRM date sent to BC. Earlier same SSIS packages with Azure Data Factor and it was working fine without any date issue but when we moved these packages to Azure VM, this issue started.

In CRM, date-time behavior is User Local

Timezone conversion Issue in CRM to BC integration

While troubleshooting we tried different options but finally, we solved this issue using Time Zone Conversion component from KingswaySoft

In this dialog under Input Columns we selected our date field. As this integration was done for the European region so we converted time zone from UTC to UTC+01:00.

After these changes date started moving correctly to BC!

So in case you are facing same issue, use Time Zone Conversion component to solve it.

Hope it will help someone !!

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