Tips to Become a Microsoft Certified Professional


In this article, I have provided basic information about MCP and one of the Microsoft exams 70483 –
Programming in C#, which was helpful for me to clear the exam in my first attempt.


Initially when I started to prepare for the exam, I spent a  lot of time searching the Internet to get the organized information together, like what is MCP, when will we receive this certificate? And other resources required passing the exam. So I decided to write this article, by putting all the information in one place where the developers can start and get the overall picture of this exam.

Basics of What and who is a Microsoft certified Professional?

  • A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is an individual who completes a professional certification program by Microsoft.

  • Individuals will become a Microsoft certified professional as soon as they pass one of the professional certification exams offered by Microsoft.

  • It is a certification that validates IT professionals and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams.

  • MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

  • Microsoft certified professionals are certified individuals who specialize in Microsoft information technology programs and applications.

Sample Certificate



Once we have successfully completed the Exam..:). We will receive the certificate from prestigious Microsoft like above.

Roadmap for Exams

We can download the full roadmap for the exams, in the Microsoft official pages links which are given below.


Sample snagit of how road map look,

road map

Source: Microsoft

Why do we need Certification and what are  its benefits?

  • As we know, in the fast-growing field of information technology, where technical knowledge and new technologies are consistently growing, earning Microsoft certification shows that the developer possesses up-to-date knowledge and skills that meet industry standards worldwide.

  • Becoming certified also gives you access to the Microsoft Certified Professional member site that offers an introduction to career resources, interaction with other certified professionals and continuing education offered by Microsoft.


Certification Planner Tracks your progress and views options for completing your certification

Sample snagit

Note - This is your benefits & exams section which will be added to the following link, only after you have passed, any one of the exams.

Link -

Certificate Manager View, download or purchase paper copies of certificates for the Microsoft Certifications you earn.

Official transcript download and sharing tool

Certification logos --  Download official certification logos. MCP store --  Purchase apparel and accessories with certification logos. MCP community -- Make connections with your peers through the Born to Learn blog. Promotional offers --  Access special offers on Microsoft training and certification products and discounts. Member resource --  Find training or evaluation software, look for job opportunities and much more.

How can we prepare for the Certification Exams?

In any exam whether it is university exams like Anna university, madras university or the exams like Microsoft or oracle it is always important to first take a look at the official page (since they have authority to change information). Just FYI, While I was Preparing, I used to load the below page everyday to ensure that nothing has changed like cost, syllabus and everything remains the same every time...:)

Link -

Sample Snag it

Source: Microsoft

Once you have clicked the above link, then it will be redirected the below page.

Source: Microsoft

Make sure to select the appropriate exam from the list provided, then you will be redirected to the important page, where you will find all the required official information had been posted including cost, syllabus, resources and various question types.

Link -

Here, you can also find the excellent jumpstart videos, Microsoft certification prep talk, various communities like (Born to Learn), Exam 70483 wiki and much more.

For ex: Official Course curriculum in skill measured section,

Source - Microsoft

Other Useful Resources:

Resource 1:

While preparing, I used to see one of the excellent Videos by Christopher Harrison, which gave me the Overall Picture of what exactly this exam is all about and an idea of how can we choose our correct answers.


Source - Microsoft

Resource 2

Link -

I personally need to thank  (Roberto Tabasco), who prepared the above blog, It will be very useful to the folks who are preparnig for the exam to have a day-by-day Plan. Here he has divided the entire chapter and given brief details of that to complete that in just less than 20 days. Have a base of this and make your plan as per your schedule to crack the exam in the same way I did... :)

All the Best for your Exam.


Hope, the above information was little bit helpful.

Since it is my first article, please share your valuable suggestions and feedback it will be surely a help for me to correct it next time.