To Change The Navigations In Dynamics 365 Portal Using Web Link Sets

To modify the navigation links in Dynamics 365 Portal

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to modify the navigation links in various parts of Dynamics 365 portal, using Web link sets.

Web link sets in Dynamics CRM portal

It contains the navigation link sets for the Websites in Dynamics CRM. We can configure the group of navigation links by using Web link sets and can be used in Web templates.


The view given below shows a few predefined Active Web link sets.


Footer navigation

This contains the links, which are required for footer section of the portal.


Company logo, name and address can be mentioned in the Content Snippet, but the links are to be mentioned under section links in Footer Web link set.

Output in portal


Primary navigation

This Web link set contains top navigation links for the portal. The screenshot given below shows how each links are mapped to a respective page, and to set the publishing state to Published, so that the link will be available for all the users of the portal.

Only those links in the primary navigations are displayed in the top navigation of Dynamics 365 portal. We can also provide HTML contents in the area provided in primary navigation section.

Output in portal


I hope this blog about Web link sets might help you to customize the header and footer links in Dynamics 365 portal. In my next blog, I will come up with other interesting feature of Dynamics 365 portal.