Totally Disconnect From TFS

Hello everybody, I wanted to totally disconnect my Visual Studio project from TFS. I did not want Visual Studio to display the TFS connection every time I opened the project. As the project is bound to TFS, it has TFS connection data stored within its files. In this blog, I want to show you how to get rid of this connection.

We first need to download (Unbind to Visual Studio project) from this link. Note, this is a dead link but I think I should put it here for copyright sake. Anyway, I uploaded the compiled version of the project here. Once downloaded, we only need the .EXE file.

Create a new folder to store our project. We don't want to modify the original project. Copy the project to our folder. Right-click (sln) file and open with Notepad++.

Under (Global) section, remove (GlobalSedtion). It looks, as shown below. Click Save and close the file.

  1. GlobalSection(TeamFoundationVersionControl) = preSolution  
  2.         SccNumberOfProjects = 2  
  3.         SccEnterpriseProvider = Project name encryption  
  4.         SccTeamFoundationServer = ServerURL here  
  5.         SccLocalPath0 = .  
  6.         SccProjectUniqueName1 = Project Unique Name  
  7.         SccProjectName1 = Project Name  
  8.         SccLocalPath1 = Project Path  
  9.     EndGlobalSection  

There is a hidden folder ($tf). This folder must be removed, show hidden folders and delete it. Now, we're ready to run our (Unbind to TFS) Application, make sure it exists within the same folder, where the (solution folder) is not inside the solution folder. Run the command given below.

  1. unbind FolderName  

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