Unable to Generate a Temporary Class (result=1)

This blog for integration Salesforce API over .NET application error.


This error occurs winter'15 release.when you integrate WSDL over .net application
How you solve this one Please find the below steps.
Step 1: Open the wsdl file.
Step:2 Find ListViewRecord
  1. <complexType name="ListViewRecord">  
  2.    <sequence>  
  3.       <element name="columns" type="tns:ListViewRecordColumn" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>  
  4.    </sequence>  
  5. </complexType> 
Step 3: Add "<xsd:attribute name="tmp" type="xsd:string" />".
Over this section
  1. <complexType name="ListViewRecord">  
  2. <sequence>  
  3. <element name="columns" type="tns:ListViewRecordColumn" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>  
  4. </sequence>  
  5. <xsd:attribute name="tmp" type="xsd:string" />  
  6. </complexType> 
Step 4: Update the webservice.
Now build the application its working like champ.