Unable To Process Template Language Expressions In Action Create_item


When trying to reuse the flow by creating a copy from ‘Development’ environment to ‘Production’ Environment I was getting the following error which says ‘Unable to process template language expression in action ‘Create item’ inputs at line1.

Unable to process template language expression in action ‘Create item’ inputs at line1

Unable to process template language expressions in action 'Create_item' inputs at line '1' and column '36753': 'The template language expression 'items('Apply_to_each')[' Route Status ']' cannot be evaluated because property ' Route Status ' doesn't exist, available properties are 'Route, Route Status, Area, Zone, District, Route SUB_TYPE, Route SUB_TYPE Description, Name1, GPID, Commission Code, Commission Base, Commission %, A-Z, A-Z-D, DSL, ZSL, ZBM, Admin, HRAdmin, Zone Name ER, RSR/Swing, Has a Swing?, NameAndRoute, ALL Swing Routes, Type1 Code

Please see https://aka.ms/logicexpressions for usage details.'.


It basically says the ‘Property Route Status cannot be evaluated as the ‘Route Status’ doesn’t exist. But if you clearly see the message the property ‘Route Status’ is found in available values. In my case, the SharePoint ‘Create Item’ is present inside for each condition. I ended up creating the SharePoint create list item action and then mapping the values from the Parse JSON schema and everything worked fine after that. Maybe PowerAutomate doesn’t refer to updated values in the list, even though the properties in another environment are spelled out exactly the same.

The other workaround is to export the flow and import with a new name as it worked for other community experts. Please refer to the references section on how to achieve this.

Hope this helps someone who is stuck with a similar issue.