Understanding Metro Style Project Types

Metro Style Project Types

Visual Studio 2012 supports 6 different project templates to create 6 different project types for Metro style apps.

Blank App

A Blank Metro style app is a blank project with no predefined layout and controls. This project type is recommended when you do not wish to use an existing layouts and plan to create your own layout.


Grid App

A Grid Metro style App project provides multiple pages with navigation support from one page to another. In this project, each page has its own layout and controls. This is one of the most used project type for complex applications. Windows 8 metro UI is an example of a Grid metro style app.


Split App

A Split Metro style app is a two page project that provides navigation among grouped items. The first page allows group selection while the second page displays an item list alongside details for the selected item.


Class Library

A Metro style class library project is used to create a class library for Metro style apps and Windows Runtime components. This can be compare to a .NET class library.

Windows Runtime Component

A Windows Runtime Component project is used to create a Windows Runtime component that can be used in Metro style apps; regardless of the language the applications are written. This can be compare to .NET custom and user controls.

Unit Test Library

Visual Studio 2012 also has a Unit Test Library project template that can be used to write and unti test Metro style apps or class libraries.