Update the user record in Azure AD B2C with MS Graph


Microsoft Graph API helps developers to integrate Microsoft services and data into their apps. It's like a connector that links your apps to many Microsoft products, such as Office 365, Windows, and Azure. This API allows you to access details like emails, calendar events, contacts, and files from these services to improve your app. This blog will explain, how to manage the user account in the Azure AD B2C directory with MS Graph API 

This is a continuation of my previous article on Azure AD B2C with MS Graph. I highly recommend you go through my previous article before getting into it.

Update user account in Azure AD B2C


public static async Task UpdatePasswordByUserId(GraphServiceClient graphClient)
    Console.Write("Enter user ID: ");
    string userId = Console.ReadLine();
    Console.Write("Enter new password: ");
    string password = Console.ReadLine();
    var user = new User
        PasswordPolicies = "DisablePasswordExpiration,DisableStrongPassword",
        PasswordProfile = new PasswordProfile
            ForceChangePasswordNextSignIn = false,
            Password = password,
        // Update user by object ID
        await graphClient.Users[userId]
        Console.WriteLine($"User with object ID '{userId}' successfully updated.");

Pass the user object id to the PatchAsync method to update the password,

 User attributes

  1. Password Policies - Policy associated with password 
  2. Password Profile - PasswordProfile object, assign a temporary password for the user.

Execute the program. It will successfully update the password for the user in the Azure AD B2C directory. 


We have seen how to update a user account in Azure AD B2C with Microsoft Graph API, will see more about creating a user with the custom attributes in my next blog. 

Click here to download the source.