Updating properties of a Web object using Windows PowerShell

  • Start your windows PowerShell on your computer.
  • Right click and select Run as administrator option.
  • Paste the below script on the PowerShell window and click the enter button.
  • Check your SharePoint site Feature will activated successfully.
  1. $context = Connect-SPOSite https://gauti.sharepoint.com  
  3. # The SharePoint web at the URL.  
  4. $web = $context.Web  
  6. $web.Title = "Title"  
  7. $web.Description = "New Description"  
  9. $web.Update()  
  11. $context.ExecuteQuery()  
Run the script with the required administrator privilege. To verify that, Check the output window.Thanks for reading my blog.
Hope you have enjoyed this.