What To Do When "Updating Quota" Template Does Not Reflect Changes In Site Collection Analytics Report

Let’s say you have a SharePoint 2010 Farm where you have created a new Quota template by specifying the storage limit (30 GB).

Then you have created many site collections and set this quota template for each site.

Now your customer used these sites for few days/weeks. Sometimes Site owner monitored the storage usage in Site Collection Web Analytics reports -> Inventory -> Storage Usage to see current usage of site and maximum storage usage limit.

Web Analytics Storage Usage Report(Look at yellow marked area)

At some point in time, Site owner would like to decrease the quota size from 30 GB to 10 GB for all sites. For that she would like to change the existing Quota template size from 30 GB to 10 GB, so that it will automatically change the quota size for all site collections.

Well I updated the quota template and verified the site collection quota and locks section where all sites show the new quota size (that is 10 GB).

But when I looked into the Site Collection Web Analytics reports -> Inventory -> Storage Usage section, Maximum Storage Allowed (MB) column was still showing 30 GB instead of 10 GB. I felt that maybe it would take at least one/two days to reflect the changes in Web Analytics Reports; hence I waited for two days.

After two days it was still showing the same size (30 GB). Then I checked all the Web Analytics timer jobs which were running fine as per the schedule. I recycled the web analytics application pool in IIS, and restarted the web analytics service which did not help.

Now when I verified the http://site_url/_layouts/usage.aspx page, Maximum storage allowed value was showing 30 GB(as below), and then I noticed that although I could see the latest quota size (10 GB) in Site collection quota and locks for the site, but it did not change inside the site collections.

_layouts/usage.aspx page

Now what I figured out is that, although you change the existing quota template, it does not reflect in the existing site collections. There could be a possibility that no timer job is there to update the quota template for the sites. But if you create a new site with the same quota template, then there is no issue.

So I manually opened existing site collection in site collection quota and locks in Central Admin and re-applied the quota template (means just click ok), when I clicked OK, after that I could see the Maximum storage allowed value to 10 GB in /layouts/usage.aspx page.

Now 10 GB is showing /layouts/usage.aspx page,

Well, if you have more than 50 sites, I would recommend writing a PowerShell script to re-apply the quota template in each site.


Set-SPSite -Identity $url -QuotaTemplate $quotaTemplate

Finally, after the above change, I waited for two days, and then I could see the updated size in Maximum Storage Allowed (MB) column in Site collection Web analytics reports -> Inventory -> Storage Usage section.

Hope this helps!