How To Use Google Less Secure Apps

Users of computers and smartphones are taking benefit from Google’s less secure app settings. By using less secure apps, they can access Google account emails on other third-party applications and desktop email clients.

But as we know Google’s low secure apps are discontinued on May 30, 2022. If you are using this feature, start considering switching to an app password to prevent any disruption in email delivery.

For using this first you need to start or turn on Google’s 2-Step Verification.

How to turn on 2-Step Verification

Step 1

Open your Google Account

Step 2

Choose Security in the navigation panel.

Step 3

Now, choose 2-Step Verification > activate.

Now you need to generate an App password in your Google Account

For creating the app password in Gmail

Step 1

First log in to your Google Account.

Step 2

Then, you need to go to App passwords in your security settings. Then on this page, click the select app dropdown.

Step 3

Now, select other from the menu.

Step 4

Then, enter Nodemailer or any other name in the field and click the GENERATE button.

Now, This will generate your app password which you can use for your password.

Just, copy this password & paste it password on your project as a Gmail password.

Now, Your low secure apps will work Perfectly.