Use HTML in Crystal Reports to format formula field

If you want to bold, italic or under-line a text, then you can use Html support in crystal report. Also you can enjoy other features of html in crystal report  by using html tags. Here i am showing very simple example how to bold selected text in formula field using HTML. Try this one,

create a new formula -> (Enter the following text in your formula editor) ,
'<b>TRIPLICATE</b> - For Authorised Dealer's record. '

Here i enclosed the text with Single Quotes ( ' ' ) because i am going to print a static content in crystal Report. If you want to format a Field from DataSource (dynamic Content), You can change the Code to 

'<b>'+{ DataSourceName.DataSourceColumnFieldName }+'</b>'
Place your Formula Field in Crystal Report, then right click on the field and select Format Object


select Paragraph tab
Change Text Interpretation Combo Box Option to "HTML Text"

Run your Report,  you will get the following result

TRIPLICATE - For Authorised Dealer's record.

Thank you. if you have any Suggestions and Comments about my blog, Please let me know.