Useful Joomla Plugins That You Should Absolutely Be Aware Of

Joomla is a globally popular content management system, and web developers love to work on this platform for its user friendliness and plenty of plugins, known as extensions. In fact, for Joomla, there are extensions for almost all purposes related to web designing and improved visitor experience.


According to famous Joomla web development companies, there are a wide variety of plugins available for social networking, checking out services, advanced comment services, easy-to-setup photo albums -- the list is unending. However, some of the common plugins are discussed here.

Stalker – Social Network Mod

Stalker is the coolest Joomla plugin which display website links to all social networks on Joomla. It comes with an attractive interface that pulls in visitors. Stalker comes with about 45 social networks readily integrated but it offers the option of adding any new network at your discretion. It is easy to install and configure, it comes with attractive icons, and can be modified.

Acajoom – Mailing List Software

Plenty of paid mailing services are available but for startups, these paid services can be a bit costly. Acajoom is the Joomla extension for people, who want to start expanding their list without paying for a mailing list website that they need to host. Acajoom allows the user to customize their newsletters, import subscribers from other newsletter systems and maintain a public archive.

Expose Flash Gallery – Photo Album Plugin

Expose is a classy and efficient Joomla extension that helps in displaying images. It is indeed not that simple, but once it is learned it is really purposeful. The extension has the small footprint for a Flash gallery and it allows its users to create quite a few unconnected albums.

Virtuemart – Online Shopping Cart

Want to integrate a complete shopping cart to your Joomla site? If yes, Virtuemart is your best option. It has the features found in the individual shopping cart, for example, order history for the customers, confirmation email, downloadable products, product ratings, and the best one 128-bit encryption. This plugin also works with almost all payment gateways such as PayPal, 2Checkout,, etc..

Joomla Pack – Backup Software

Joomla Pack permits its users to generate a site backup which on demand can be reinstated on any other Joomla site. It generates a full backup of your website in a single archive. It can be applied for moving your site to another host or just as a safety backup, to be used for restoring the site if there are any problems of server timeouts.

These are some essential Joomla plugins a web developer has to be aware of. However, there are more, and the importance of these plugins is strictly personal. if you want to know more about Joomla web development then contact Ultimez  Technology and get detailed info on this and other CMS.