Useful VS Code Shortcuts


In this blog we will see some of the useful shortcuts for VS Code which will be helpful for doing your programs faster.

VS Code shortcuts for Windows

Ctrl + ` (backtick) -------------------> Open Terminal / Close terminal.

Ctrl + Shift + ` (backtick) ---------> Open new Terminal

Ctrl + K + C  ----------------------------> Comment selected lines of code.

Shift + Alt + F  -------------------------> Code Alignment

Ctrl + P  ----------------------------------> Search file (command palette)

Ctrl + K + W  ---------------------------> Close all the tabs opened.

Shift + Alt + (down arrow) -----------> Duplicate line downwards

Alt + MouseClicks -------------------> Select / Have multiple cursors

Ctrl + G  ----------------------------------> Go to line (Enter line number)

Ctrl + D  -----------------------------------> Find / select similar matches of words

Alt + (up) or (down) ------------------> To move the line of code up or down

Windows + . (dot)  ---------------------> Emoji ??

Ctrl + Shift + E  -------------------------> To switch between Editor & Side menu folders

Ctrl + Shift + U -------------------------> Make the selected text into UPPERCASE

Ctrl + U -----------------------------------> Convert selected text to lower case.

Ctrl + Shift + V -------------------------> Clipboard history

Ctrl + TAB  --------------------------------> To switch between tabs

Ctrl + K + S -------------------------------> Save all Files

Ctrl + C (without selecting anything) -------------> Copies the entire line of code in which the curosr is present

Ctrl + X (without selecting anything) --------------> Cuts the entire line of code in which the cursor is present


I hope this would help you make your coding easier. Visual Studio and VS Code shortcuts may differ slightly. We will see Visual Studio shortcuts in upcoming blogs. That is all for now. Happy coding.

Thank You!