Using Tuple To Return Multiple Values

Q: Why do we use tuple in C#?

A: Basically, when we want to return multiple values like servicefee, markup, and coupon amount without using any class, then we can use a tuple to return all three values at once from a method. Here is the programming snapshot.
How to create a method
  1. public static (float servicefee, float discount, float couponamount) GetAppliedAmount(float totalservicefee, float totalDiscount, float totalcouponamount)  
  2. {  
  3.    return (totalservicefee , totalDiscount, totalcouponamount);  
  4. }  
How to use this method 
  1. Public void GetAmount()   
  2. {  
  3.    var calculatedamount= GetAppliedAmount(totalservicefee, totalDiscount, totalcouponamount);  
  4.    float discount= calculatedamount.servicefee;  
  5.    float discount=;  
  6.    float discount= calculatedamount.couponamount;   
  7. }   
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