Validate a selected person in the 'Person' or 'Group' fields of a SharePoint list


We have seen how to use the Select and Filter array actions to achieve this in my previous article, please check it out here. In this article, we are going to see how to use the Resolve Person action in FLOW to validate if a user has been selected in the Person or Group field.


If you have worked on SharePoint for a long time, then you must have used EnsureUser function to generate SPUser objects using an account name. Similar to this is the Resolve Person action in FLOW. It takes Email ID as an input and returns a single matching user value which can be assigned to a column. If there are no matches, or multiple matches, this action will error out.

As a demonstration, I have manually created a trigger button, FLOW. I have fetched one of the test SharePoint list items using the “Get Item” action which has the Person or Group column “InformUsers”.

Add the “Resolve person” action as shown below


You need to provide the below information, such as the Site Address, library or list name, Column (Person or group Column), email or name which you want to resolve or generate an object of.

Before selecting Column, you need to specify List View name by clicking on 'Show advanced options.'


As you can see below, I have specified the SharePoint site, list, person or group column name, list view and email ID of the person whom I need to search for.


Now add a condition action > on left side select InformUsers column from output of Get Items action


Use Contains operator > on the right-side use output of Resolve Person action "SharePoint expanded user field" > We are trying to find a person object in person and group field


That’s it, run the FLOW and test it. Add the actions in their respective Yes or No section depending upon your requirement.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps.