Validating IP Address in C#

This blog demnostrates how to validate an ip address without doing much of code and without using regex, here i have taken help of System.Net namespace and IPAddress class. The TryParse function of IPAddress determines whether an IP Address is a validate IP Address or not. See the below demonstrator that helps validating IPAddress.
  1. static void Main()  
  2.         {
  3.             IPAddress ip;  
  4.             Console.WriteLine("Enter IP Address");  
  5.             string ipaddress = Console.ReadLine();  
  6.             bool ValidateIP = IPAddress.TryParse(ipaddress, out ip);  
  7.             if (ValidateIP)  
  8.                 Console.WriteLine("This is a valide ip address");  
  9.             else  
  10.                 Console.WriteLine("This is not a valide ip address");  
  11.         }