Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Released

As Jason Zander and the LightSwitch Team just announced, we released Visual Studio LightSwitch today, whoohooo! It's been a long, fun road to our final release and we are so excited to get this into your hands today! 

Visual Studio LightSwitch is the newest edition of the Visual Studio family and is the simplest way to build business applications for the desktop and the cloud. For the end-user developer this means you can quickly create professional quality business applications with minimal code. For the professional developer you can customize LightSwitch with your own code, controls and even build extensions that can add more capabilities than what you get out of the box. Check out the resources below for more information.

Visit the LightSwitch Developer Center

Download the VS LightSwitch 2011:

MSDN Subscribers can install LightSwitch from the subscription site. Everyone else can download the trial version here and on Thursday you will be able to purchase LightSwitch. Please see the installation notes on the LightSwitch Team blog and the official readme.

Source: Beth massi