Vungle SDK for Windows 10 Released


In Connect (); // 2015 event Microsoft announced partnership with Vungle.
The Vungle is the leading in-app video ad (advertisement), providers.
Vungle has released the Vungle SDK for Windows 10 apps, which provide advertisements for apps across Windows 10 desktops, tablets, and phones.
Advertisement is one of the important roles in marketing, currently, most of them use mobile video ads to enhance UX.
Microsoft now offers easy to integrate with one of the leading global monetization platforms for Windows developers.
Steps to integrate Vungle SDK in Windows 10 apps
  • To download Vungle SDK.
  • To install via NuGet.
Create Windows 10 UWP new project and Vungle SDK to your project.
Enable internet client capability in your app.
Import Vungle SDK like below:
  1. using VungleSDK;  
Next, create an instance for VungleAd and give your App ID(When you add your app to your account you will get the app ID) like the following code.
VungleAd testAd
  1. testAd=AdFactory.GetInstance("yourAppId");  
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