Web Application Solution Architecture Naming Conventions

In this blog, you will be acquainted with Web Application Solution Architecture naming conventions.

This blog talks about the best practices related to the naming conventions of Solution Architecture in a typical Web Application project. 

Let's say the Application has different layers for UI, Business Logic, Data Access Logic etc. I have seen even the experienced programmers tend to create the layer, using naming convention such as "Web.csproj", "Business.csproj" etc.

When we work at a client's place of business, we will see multiple developers working on the different projects and it is not a good practice to name the layer, as mentioned above.

I would recommend naming the layers in one of the formats given below.
  1. <Client>.<ApplicationName>.<ModuleName> 

    1. Protysys.EmployeePortal.WebUI ( DLL Name: Protysys.EmployeePortal.WebUI.dll )  
    2. Protysys.EmployeePortal.Business  
    3. Protysys.EmployeePortal.DataAccess  
  2. <ApplicationName>.<ModuleName>


  1. EmployeePortal.WebUI  
  2. EmployeePortal.Business  
  3. EmployeePortal.DataAccess   

Using this approach will be more appropriate and professional to name the layers or even share the DLLs.