Web Application Solution Architecture Naming Conventions

This blog talks about the best practices related to the naming conventions of Solution Architecture in a typical Web Application project. 

Let's say the Application has different layers for UI, Business Logic, Data Access Logic etc. I have seen even the experienced programmers tend to create the layer, using naming convention such as "Web.csproj", "Business.csproj" etc.

When we work at a client's place of business, we will see multiple developers working on the different projects and it is not a good practice to name the layer, as mentioned above.

I would recommend naming the layers in one of the formats given below.
  1. <Client>.<ApplicationName>.<ModuleName> 

    1. Protysys.EmployeePortal.WebUI ( DLL Name: Protysys.EmployeePortal.WebUI.dll )  
    2. Protysys.EmployeePortal.Business  
    3. Protysys.EmployeePortal.DataAccess  
  2. <ApplicationName>.<ModuleName>


  1. EmployeePortal.WebUI  
  2. EmployeePortal.Business  
  3. EmployeePortal.DataAccess   

Using this approach will be more appropriate and professional to name the layers or even share the DLLs.