Webmasters - Why Are You Killing Your Blog Yourself?

Blogging has become a very successful profession. Thus, as a result of its many success stories in recent years, everybody wants to become a blogger. Either prominent or not prominent, all we keep saying is: “I want to become a blogger; even Linda made it through blogging.

However, when blogging was born in the late 90s, its second name was: “rush in, rush out”. I wonder why you chose it to be your best friend without knowing much about its biography. This is why I decided to write this article. It explored the internet and focused out of Africa (especially Nigeria) to browse. After a lot of research,  now I know what successful bloggers do, what they pass through, and what their success stories are.

Webmasters: Why Are You Killing Your Blog Yourself?

Through my findings (of which I am still  looking into), I discovered that the most successful bloggers in the world emerged from the United States and India.

Wait! I found one thing in common, “they are selfless!"

The selfless bloggers are the types who want the best for their viewers and as a result, try to write what they know, as much as possible. They obtain sources from other websites, including the link to the source (which takes them to the original page of the article) all in the name of “pleasing their users”.


A selfish blogger is the type who doesn't care about the interest of their viewers, and as a result copies articles from any website, and pastes it on the blog ”without including the reference link to the original article”. I call them “Smart Ignorant Bloggers”. Apparently, 84 percent of bloggers in Nigeria are Smart Ignorant Bloggers.

I was once one of them. Though, I have started rolling out from from the crowd into the rest of the 16percent. Now, I have three blogs running successfully.
If you are not here for this post, I believe you have not read up to this 326th word of this article. Thank God, you still have managed to read up to the 340th word. This shows that you are ready to awaken your already-dying blog website.

A Smart Ignorant Blogger kills his/her blog in 2 major ways

  1. You Are Making Google Hate Your Blog

    Penguin and Panda are smart Google crawler robots. They perform the work of fetching results from different websites whenever a user searches for a keyword or phrase. However, these intelligent robots are very concerned about rendering the users precise and highly-related results that match their exact queries. This, as a result, made them formulate some rules to filter the gold from the dust. It displays the golden results first, and sets back the dusty ones. They display quality and unique content. However, Google will make you its best enemy if your content is not unique.


    Google Pengiun and Panda will pardon you if only you include the source to the original article. This simple principle will make your website a regular friend to Google search and other search engines, like Bing, Yahoo and AOL. One of the secrets behind the most visited websites in the world is their Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). The higher your SERP, the higher and more organic traffic you get. Organic traffic is traffic that come through search engines. In other words, they are the most precious traffic for advert conversion, including Google AdSense. This is because it was believed that organic traffic is original. It is not the type gotten through black-hat methods or spamming.

  2. Your Users Will Lose Trust In You and Your Blog

    If you keep on posting articles from other sources without including the main source of the article, your audience will get disappointed when they will find that the article is plagiarized and you are not the main author. When they realize that you are not real, they keep on losing interest in your blog.


    If you include the source link, the readers will understand that you are a genuine person and your article is legit. This will give them confidence to visit the original source to confirm or learn more. 

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