What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Learn Programming

What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Learn Programming 
Before getting started into a computer program, very first you need to be mentally prepared to not give up, there is no substitute/shortcut for learning the program. So if you are passionate about learning programming start practicing daily. According to your planning focus on the topics whatever you have planned today to accomplish. Gradually you will become an expert because practice makes a man perfect.
Learning computer programs from books without code execution is less effective. Try to learn programming online as possible, will give you a quick guide along with execution.
Identify your strength then proceed towards your goal. Learning programming is fun if you are willing/enthusiastic to learn. There are many programming languages, so probably you think, where do I start? If you want to be a good programmer, start learning C Programming first, which will give you basic ideas such as defining variables, structures, pointers, arrays, loops, and so on. Once you learn the “C” programming basic concept, then you may learn other programming skills quickly with this implementation.
If you are interested to learn windows programming, focus on C, C++, C#. Remember that in windows programming you need to be more programmatic. On the other hand, if you are creative with web design/development then start learning web skills i.e- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, C#, etc. There are two aspects of web development FrontEnd and BackEnd Development. But in this field, you need to be more problem solving with patience, which means you need to find solutions and implement that according to your web page requirement, because web development is the fastest growing industry in the world, in order to stay in this field you have to work with patients that will goes long term.
Never underestimate the power of daily practice. For experienced, solutions are available on google, but you will be reviewed, How long you can stay with a problem and how quickly you solve that with estimated time frame.
If your mathematics is up to the mark, there is an advantage to understand others program logic quickly, however you have to try your own logic,
Today’s most software developed using Object Oriented Programming language like - C#, Once you completed your basic then learn OOP.
Everything you have to do in the form of class and object. However, you can use both aspect window and web programming.
Focus to learn technologies, unlike tools, Because if you are not aware of new technologies, skills you will be able to work. Your working skills will be limited. So keep learning new tech. as possible. Believe me, if you have a learning attitude anything will be quite easy. So one of the best ways of learning programming is to Practice! Practice! Practice! with patience.
Following are some points that will guide how you can make your career better in the programming field.
  • Research first - Fit yourself in areas of interest according to your strength and weakness. I mean to say, proper plan about your career. Otherwise, as I have already told you to don’t give up, in this situation you will give up because less of interest.
  • Learn basic programming fundamentals - Learning basic is necessary as a programmer, If you learn basic you can customize and implement code easily.
  • Try your own logic - Always try to write your own logic as possible, this will be interesting if you see your own result with an error, try to fix it.
  • Read the sample code - Read the sample code, try to implement those according to your requirements.
  • Keep on Coding - Don’t give up, keep on learning on daily basis. One day you will be master.
  • Learn new Skills - Always try to implement new things especially in web development will give you the knowledge of new skills.
  • Learn to code online - There are so many programming tutorials available on google free. However, you can also learn better with online tutorials will give you the facility of coding with execution. The best for web tutorial i.e- W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
  • Work with a small project - Learning with the small project will give you the basic idea of programming structure. Furthermore, you can work on a large project.
  • Write understandable code - Always write code in such a way/sequence so that other developers can understand quickly. Use comments in every thread of code. Avoid redundancy as possible.
  • Write a program three times - The first time you write the software logic to prove yourself. The second time you write the code to see if it works. The third and last time you write the logic to see if that works fine.
  • Experiment with changes - Breakdown your program and try permutation and combination, make some changes, and try to fix errors.