What Is Angular?

In this article, we will discuss Angular.

AngularJS Programming

JavaScript is a popular programming language, which you as a web developer or programmer definitely have to master. It is the programming language to develop dynamic, interactive web pages and web applications. By adding JavaScript to HTML pages you can give pages more interaction than is possible with HTML alone. JavaScript is supported by Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and many other web browsers, and is, therefore, the appropriate language to use when your page will be viewed with different browsers. Here I give insight comparison between AngularJS vs ReactJS,

Which JavaScript framework is best used now?

There is no one framework that you should choose in all cases. There are a number of factors that play a part in making such a choice. I mention them below,
  1. Find out which (front-end) problem you want to solve?
    Each JavaScript framework has certain strengths and often specializes in a specific area. This can largely determine which framework you want to use in your project. For example, a framework such as React offers modularity and reusability, while a framework such as Ember.js mainly increases developer happiness.

    As hard as a JavaScript framework can grow, so quickly this popularity can disappear like snow in the sun. View technical forums (eg Stackoverflow), websites, communities and try to estimate the useful life of a framework. The choice you make in the beginning is important. You do not want to rebuild everything after three months. This costs time and money!

    The choice you make is of course also dependent on the available developers and what they are used to using. With this, I aim for patterns and best practices that are often derived from a programming language or environment. It is then used to look at a framework that is in line with the knowledge level of this developer (s).

  2. Is the candidate framework viable?
    This also goes hand in hand with maintainability. Also important to watch. This is how Ember.js is known for its backward compatibility. This is less well arranged at AngularJS.

  3. Are developers available with knowledge?

  4. Choose Open Source!
    Of course, there are other factors that play a part in choosing a suitable Javascript framework. For example, the accessibility and freedom it offers. For example, Backbone offers a lot of freedom and you have to do a lot yourself. Other frameworks offer a lot of functionality (higher level of abstraction) and less freedom.

    Feel free to let me know in the comments if there are still important considerations missing in addition to the above points.