What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest buzzword in the Information Technology (IT). In this article I will try to explain what is cloud computing and the essence of cloud computing.

Definition of cloud:

Before we know what is cloud computing it’s very much essential to know what is a ‘cloud’.  Cloud is a web or internet and which can be accessed throughout without any know boundaries over the internet.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a term used when software is hosted on a cloud. All the required services to run software are provided as a service over internet.

Cloud computing allows you to deploy and access everything from single system to massive amount or IT resources on demand , in real time and at affordable price.

There are number of companies which are currently providing this service. Following are some of the of companies which provide cloud computing facility.

·         Microsoft

·         Google

·         Amazon

·         IBM

·         Yahoo

Cloud computing helps companies to reduce their cost on software, hardware. Now with the help of cloud computing companies can take help of available infrastructure to host their software with nominal fees.

Cloud computing heavily relies on Virtual Machines(VMs) which can be easily extended based on user demand.

Characteristics of cloud computing

Infrastructure management: it manages critical OS updates and management task.

Simplifies capacity planning : additional services can be available on demand. Therefore no need to plan/procure additional expensive hardware or software.

Reduces Cost : cloud computing reduces cost on infrastructure, companies no need to hire IT resources for implementation.

Reduces the cost of running data centers : Companies no need to allocate separate space to have their own datacenter.

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