What is Crapware

Recently, Lenovo found itself in trouble when its crapware Superfish got out of control.

So what is a crapware?

Do you remember bunch of software already installed on your computer when you buy a new one. Some of these softwares are trial versions, some are beta and some requires activation only. I’ve been buying Sony laptops for years now and I hate when Sony puts bunch of crap on my brand new laptop. Not only this crap slows down my laptop but also makes bunch of noise. The most I hate is, antivirus software.

We “developers” love speed and noise-free laptops. Don’t we?

All this “crap”, mostly software installed by a hardware manufacture is called crapware or junkware.

And I hate it.

I waste lots of time uninstalling this “crap” every time I buy a new laptop.

So, listen hardware manufacturers, stop putting crap on my brand new device.

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