What Is Flash Fill And How To Use It

Automatically fill in values. Enter a couple of examples you want as output and keep the active cell in the column you want to fill in. Then flash fill automatically asks you to Flash Fill. [Ctrl+E] is Shortcut key.

Microsoft Office 

Step 1

Write data in a column on which we work as shown below

There are some words in column b3:b10.

Microsoft Office

Step 2

Now, I want the first four letters from every word, we will type first four letters

In the next column  we type the  next four letters for the next word. Flash fill

is invoked automatically. See picture below.

Microsoft Office

Step 3

Finally when we enter at the last step the first four letters are automatically filled 

to the referenced column. It’s a new feature in Excel. See the Image Below

Final Output.

Microsoft Office

Thank you.