Microsoft Azure's Uses Services

Here, I shared very basic information about Microsoft Azure's uses and services.


Microsoft Azure is a Cloud Computing service created by Microsoft.

 Initial releaseFeb01’2010
Operating SystemLinux, Microsoft, and Windows
LicenseClosed source for the platform, open source for client SDKs

Microsoft Azure is used for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services.The Azure cloud computing provides three main services such as Software as a Service (SaaS), platform as a Service (PaaS)and Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS).


The services support many different programming languages, tools, and frameworks. Recently “Windows Azure “ as wrenamed “Microsoft Azure” on March 25’’2014.

Why use Microsoft Azure?

  • Low setup costs for all the users.
  • Server upgrades Free of Cost (FOC).
  • Pay monthly for your service and usage.
  • No need to buy the new hardware.
  • It is your own private Cloud.
  • Quick development.
  • Easier maintenance and Backup.


Microsoft provides 600 Azure services. Here are some of them:

Storage Services

  • Microsoft Azure mainly focuses on storage services.
  • Storage services provide REST and SDKs storing data and accessing data in the cloud.

It provides a few services:

  • Queue services using programs communicate asynchronously through the message.
  • Table services let programs store structured text accessed by primary and partition key.
  • Blob services allow programs to store unstructured text and binary data accessed by an HTTPs path.
  • File services store and access data in the cloud using the REST.

Platform as a service

Platform as a service(PaaS) developers can use Azure to build and deploy applications.


They create the code with tools provided by Azure. The virtual machine executes the application using the Windows server.

Virtual Machine

  • The virtual machine simply specifies the size and the virtual hard disk(VHD).
  • The VHD is the virtual version of a hard drive on the conventional computer. Its files and applications are saved in the storage unit.
  • Developing applications are executed in the virtual machine. Microsoft Azure provides access to both Windows and Linux VHDs.
  • This service is provided to you on pay as you go basis; i.e., you pay for how much time the virtual machine is actually running.


  • The website supports several different development tools and content management systems.
  • The website uses platforms for creating and hosting websites and web applications, at a low cost

Mobile services:

  • Azure’s mobile service has the tools for creating and deploying applications.

  • The mobile service is targeted for creating mobile apps on the mobile device.
  • Mobile app information running on your device is stored in a backend database; that’s why mobile apps are referred to as Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS). 
  • Azure mobiles app are developed by different OS (Android, iOS, and windows phone).

Here, I shared MICROSOFT AZURE definitions, uses, and services. I hope this blog will help Azure Beginners. Thanks for reading my blog.