What Is New In View All Site Content Page In SharePoint Online?

As you might know, Sharepoint had modified its site contents page. You can see the new additions given below in this fantastic page, which will give you goosebumps.

The major highlighted changes are given below.

  1. Tips
    Lot of predefined tips are provided by Microsoft such as assigning permissions, making your site unique, sharing your site.

  2. Create a new list
    You can create a new SharePoint list from the site contents page.

  3. Create a document library
    You can create a new SharePoint document library from site contents page.

  4. Create a subsite
    You can create a new SharePoint subsite from site contents page.

  5. Create a app
    You can add a new SharePoint app from site contents page.

  6. View and work with all of your content and subsites.