What is next for Metro app


I am not sure if you have heard it or not but Microsoft has stopped using world "Metro style" for some reason. Some are saying it is a dispute with a company on the name. Some writers are actually laughing at Microsoft's move and their excuse to change and/or remove the name. 

In any case, there has been so much developed with the word "Metro style", what is going to happen now? All MSDN documentation and Visual Studio 2012 is all about metro apps. All Windows 8 development revolves around metro apps. 

We, on C# Corner have a dedicated section for Metro style apps. Forums have a category on the same topic. What is going to happen now? Is this another stupid move by Microsoft will us to change everything again.

I hope Microsoft don't come up with some idiotic name like "next-generation". This does not make any sense at all. There is always a next generation and current generation becomes old and often obsolete. We have already seen Apple calling its iPad, the New iPad. How stupid is that?

Do you have a cool name for metro style apps?

How about Windows 8 Slate App? I like "Slate". It brings back my memory from school days.


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