What To Do When Jquery's Data-rel="Back" Doesn't Works On iOS

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I was unaware of the fact that jQuery's data-rel="back", which makes our navigation easier, can create a big problem on iOS, until I faced it. It works very smoothly on Android devices but stops working on iPhones.
Then, how to implement data-rel="back" on iPhones? Initially, let us understand how data-rel="back" of jQuery works and data-rel is an attribute of an anchor tag. It is a feature of jQuery Mobile
Suppose, I want to implement a back button for which I simply need to write this attribute in an anchor tag. Writing data-rel="back" will make sure that whenever the link is clicked, the link behaves like a back button and the default href of the anchor tag is ignored.
Starting next time, when you need a back button, you can include jQuery mobile library in your code and simply write it.
  1. <a data-rel="back"> Back </a>  
This works absolutely fine in Android devices. Coming to iOS, let's look at the alternative, which worked for me. Simply replace the data-rel="back" with onclick event.
  1. <a onclick="history.go(-1);"> Back </a>