Why C# Corner Is Slow

From time to time, if you notice that the C# Corner website is running slow, you’re not alone and there is a reason for that. Actually, it’s a good reason. C# Corner traffic, download, and resource consumption are growing. As a matter of fact, in the past 6 months, the website visitors have increased by 50% and downloads have increased to almost 100%, that is double of what we previously had.
While traffic continues to grow, we’re building a new data center that is expected to be finished by this year-end and we’re hoping we will be on new servers by the January month. The new data center is being built in collaboration with Rackspace.
In the meantime, you can download iOS and Android apps that should not be slow. Also, we have newer versions of the apps being pushed out almost every 2 weeks.
Thank you for your patience!
C# Corner Team

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