Why to fear Object Oriented Programming approach

Dear readers I have selected a topic which would surprise my readers. Let me introduce myself I have been working as a database developer since 2000. Moreover, I have been teaching different subjects like: RDBMS, Software Engineering, JAVA etc to the students of A-Level till Master Level. Currently I am rendering my services in a multinational company as a senior software Engineer.

In my carrier I have met many senior IT professionals, possessing good concepts of OOP. During my meetings, I have observed that they know the basic pillars of OOP for example, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism but a few of them succeed in explaining the basic concepts of OOP, for example Private Constructor, static constructor etc, in depth.

Even if you read their written code you would realize that they seldom try to use OOP concepts. One of the reasons is that the majority of people work as 3GL FoxPro or VB6 developers. Though with the passage of time they have learnt .NET technology but their programming approach is still procedural.

So today we will discuss the approach which can help the senior developers to feel comfortable with OOP.

  •  Concepts regarding  class and object should be crystal clear (i.e. not even a single doubt in it)
  •  If you are not comfortable with in depth concepts of OOP don't worry. Use what you know about OOP.
  • · Don't bother about the time even if it takes a day more to implement the first basic concept of OOP.
  • ·Always try to discuss OOP approach with your senior fellows or on web forums.
  • ·You might hesitate to discuss your OOP concept with fresh developers because they learn on modern tools and   their approach is up-to-date and the concepts are excellent.
  • Last but not the least; I believe that every developer has GOD gifted passion which does not let the developer down for learning anything new.

I can assure you that the 3GL developers, who possess excellent concepts of programming, can achieve fabulous success if they start working with OOP approach.


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