Windows Azure SQL Database Automated Backups (Premium Tier)

Step 1: Logon to (old portal) because this featurehas not yet migrated to the new one.

Step 2: Select SQL databases from left side panel and select a database which you need to export.

SQL database

Step 3: Select Configuration tab at the top.

test database

Step 4: Select export status to automatic instead of manual.

Step 5: Select storage account, where you want to store the backups.

storage account

Step 6: Select Frequency to how often to take the backup of selected database.

Step 7: Select Start Date to set when it should start taking backup.

Step 8: Select retention days to how many days the particular database backup should be retained or kept in the storage.

Select retention days

Step 9: Add server login credentials.

Step 10: Save the settings and it will start taking backup as per the scheduled time and given frequency.