Windows Blue next operating system

Is Windows Blue the next Windows operating system?

If somebody asks, what will be the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system? Windows 9 would be the logical and quick reply. I thought so.

In a recent event of name changes, there was a conflict of the Metro name in Windows 8. Now the Windows 8 Metro Style app name is being renamed to Modern UI apps due to some conflicts over copyrights.

In an interesting story, Mary Jo Foley, one of the expert authors covering Microsoft technologies in ZDNet, writes in her story that some of her sources are saying that the next Windows version may not be Windows 9. The successor to Windows 8 may be called Windows “Blue”.

Windows 9 will be called Windows Blue!

Well, I like it. Then it will be Windows Purple, Windows Red and so on.

Hmm .. Interesting.

Why don't Microsoft stick with either version or year, it has been doing for now?