Windows Phone #1 Mobile Operating System

Windows Phone #1 Mobile Operating System

Are you serious? In a report published by IDC, the worldwide smartphone market is forecast to grow slightly more than 4.0% year over year in 2012.

According to IDC projection, while Android will be the most shipped smartphone operating system,  Windows Phone operating system will be the emerging leader. By year 2016,IDC expects Windows Phone to be the #2 operating system with more than 19% share.

"Underpinning the smartphone market is the constantly shifting OS landscape," added Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst with IDC's Mobile Phone Technology and Trends team. "Android will maintain leadership throughout our forecast, while others will gain more mobile operator partnerships (Apple) or currently find themselves in the midst of a major transition (BlackBerry and Windows Phone/Windows Mobile). What remains to be seen is how these different operating systems – as well as others – will define and shape the user experience beyond what we see today in order to attract new customers and encourage replacements."

Apple's iOS operating system will continue to grow but mostly in USA and Western Europe. There will be some growth in China but it expect to peak before 2016. 


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