Windows Store App vs Windows 8 App

So, you've been playing around with Windows 8 metro style app. Ooops .. I didn't mean to call it "Metro Style". Did I meant "Modern UI"? Not really. If you have not read my blog, Metro Style app renamed as Windows Store app.

But I think Windows Store app is still not the final name and I see many speakers, authors, and bloggers are still confused about the naming. Today, I watched one video where speaker is still calling it a Metro Style app. I was watching another video on Channel 9 where they are referring them "Windows 8 Apps". 

I was reading something about Windows Store and there it is being called a Windows Store app.

Alright! Let's settle down.

First of all, any application is being deployed and distributed on Windows Store, it is a Windows Store app. No matter what.

Any application that is being developed on Windows 8 is being called Windows 8 app. 

Visual Studio 2012 templates are using Windows Store app.

Microsoft experts in conferences and videos are using Windows 8 app.

So what is it?


It is final. It is Windows Store app.