Windows To Go Feature

Windows To Go is a new feature which will enable users to use USB drive to load the Windows 8 operating system.  Windows To Go USB drives will be available from Microsoft recommended vendors and users just need to use USB drive and they will feel as if they are working directly on Windows 8 regardless of the underlying Operating System . The portable USB drive can be used to load the Windows 8 on any system (requirement is any hardware which meets Windows 7 or Windows 8 certification standards ). Windows To Go is also perfect for trying out Windows 8 on your primary machine without destroying the native OS or building a home-use portable OS. 

The Windows To Go certified USB drives are available from vendors like :
  • Kingston DataTraveler
  • Super Talent Express
  • Western Digital My Passport Enterprise 
Windows To Go Drive can be created using any editions of Windows 8 and Windows 7.

For more details, please refer to the following MSDN article :


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