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Editor HTML Tags for Articles

By Sam Hobbs May 24 2014
Currently, I edit nearly every article submitted to this web site. I am not the only editor but I am usually the final editor. I want authors to see the edits I have made so they can understand. As far as I know, it is possible to put custom tags in HTML. Any tags that are not recognized are ignored by browsers for normal viewing of a document. So it is possible to put tags in a document indicating edits. Unfortunately I cannot post here an example of what I mean; this box does not allow me to post sample HTML. I have a program I wrote that helps me make edits. I always make some changes semi-automatically using my editing tool. When the edit is done that way, it would be easy for my program to insert the markup. It would not be as convenient to do that for all edits, but it could be done for the ones that I do most frequently. As far as I know, it would not be a problem if my program inserted markup like that now. I think that if the markup was in a document then it would not be a problem. I just want permission to do that. Also, it would help to coordinate the details of what the custom markup should be. The thing that needs to be implemented if you want to is the viewing of the markup. If I add editing markup, then the author (and whoever else you want to) needs to be able to view it in a convenient and useful manner. Note that "ins" and "del" tags support attributes specifying an URL explaining the edit. The "editor" tag could do something like that. We could have articles explaining why something was changed.

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