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Styles for articles

By Sam Hobbs May 24 2014
I assume there are styles (a style sheet?) for articles. I think it would help to document the available styles. I am not real experienced with styles but I assume the style sheet(s) can be attached to a document when they are edited (being written) using other software such as Word and Expression Web. It would help to explain how to do that so authors can see how the article will appear with the styles. There are some styles that are automatically applied, such as a style for source code when the source code icon is used. We need additional styles defined, such as a style for inline code. So if I say Sleep function then I can apply a relevant style for "Sleep". We cannot force authors to use a designated style but we can certainly give them the option and I know most authors will comply. The existing editor might make it difficult to apply styles but that can be fixed. If the styles are available then they can be used by other editing software at least.

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