Can I create Clustered index without Primary key?
By Sandy in .NET on Oct 27 2017
  • Rohit Keshari
    Nov, 2017 1

    Primary key does not allow NULL, where in clustered index allow NULLs. Clustered index without primary key creates an Unique, PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED index on the table

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  • Vinod Ramakrishnan
    Dec, 2017 17

    Yes, you can create. The main criteria is that the column values should be unique and not null. Indexing improves the performance in case of huge data and has to be mandatory for quick retrieval of data.

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  • Amit Nagar
    Nov, 2017 22

    Yes, You can but make sure value should be unique and not nul

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  • Neha Kumari
    Nov, 2017 5


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  • Paul
    Oct, 2017 31

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  • Nikunj Satasiya
    Dec, 2017 22

    Primary key is a constraint and clustered index is an index so, logically they are both different entities in RDBMS. As a matter of fact, this is possible in one condition, when clustered index is created before the primary key on the table otherwise primary key will by default create the clustered index with it and only one clustered index is allowed per table.

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  • Ankur Mistry
    Oct, 2017 31


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