Tejinder Singh
Difference between Ahead of time Compiler and Just-In-time Compilation in Angular.
By Tejinder Singh in Angular on Jun 10 2018
  • Tejinder Singh
    Jun, 2018 10

    #1. AOT compiles the application at build time whereas JIT compiles the application at RUN time in browser.#2. for JIt , browser needs to download the angular compilation, where as with AOT compilation it doesn't have to download the Compiler.#3. while the application is being jit compiled in the browser, users have to wait where as with AOT , the application is pre-compiled so there is no such wait.#4. with JIT compilation , the template binding errors are only known at run time., where as with AOT compilation we will come to know about them at build time.

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  • Shivam Shukla
    Jun, 2018 27

    JIT - Compile TypeScript just in time for executing it.Compiled in the browser. Each file compiled separately. No need to build after changing your code and before reloading the browser page. Suitable for local development. AOT - Compile TypeScript during build phase.Compiled by the machine itself, via the command line (Faster). All code compiled together, inlining HTML/CSS in the scripts. No need to deploy the compiler (Half of Angular size). More secure, original source not disclosed. Suitable for production builds.

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