Naveen Sharma
How do you handle the conflict?
By Naveen Sharma in Business on Apr 19 2017
  • Naveen Sharma
    Apr, 2017 19

    While there are several theories to handle the conflict, but given my experience, I would like to call it a necessity and inevitable. Conflicts are necessary for mutual growth, brainstorming and thinking from a different perspective. I have been so far successful in handling the conflicting situations effectively using 2FM method. 1) Find the source/objective of the conflict, whether it is valid and good for project or is there any other reason (personal, skill-gap or lack of information on either side).2) Fix the reason. Try to bring the particular stakeholder to same level of understanding, request them to spend the time to develop the understanding about the project and then raise the conflict. Let them understand that negative conflict will only harm the project timelines and will result into business disruption.3) Meet, collaboratively request parties to work on the resolution while not diluting your authority of being the project manager. Have some positive examples ready where conflicts help in overall development and growth. Show the leadership trait and induce the habit of being inclusive in parties who were in the situation of conflict.It is a very effective method and works effectively if practiced thoughtfully. So this was how I was able to manage the conflicting situations easily and effectively.

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  • Nilesh Patil
    Sep, 2017 25

    Hii, Must answer in the STAR format: • Situation/Task - What was the situation or task in which conflict occurred • Action - When the conflict did occur, what action did you take in order to resolve that conflict • Result - After you took action what was the result, was it positive or negative?

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  • Guest User
    Sep, 2017 14

    When people work together, conflict is often unavoidable because of differences in work goals and personal styles.

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  • Naveen Bisht
    Jun, 2017 2

    Depend on versioning tool which are you using, common method is you need to compare both the version of code sheet and add remove lines as per your need.

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  • Naveen Sharma
    May, 2017 17

    @Neelesh Conflict means the difference in opinions and provided an open platform to discuss and development of understanding, all parties can reap the benefits of a conflict. We are accustomed to associating the word "conflict" to a debate with negative vibes. Actually, it points to the environment, where everyone is listening to understand and not to respond. Cheers !

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  • Nilesh Shah
    May, 2017 15

    "Conflicts are necessary..." I can't agree with this statement. Shouldn't it be - conflicts should be avoided?

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