Jaipal Reddy
How to Load a Large amount (1 lakh) of records in Gridview ? as well as how it loads in stored Procedure ?
By Jaipal Reddy in .NET on May 23 2015
  • Mohsin Mukri
    Jul, 2017 6

    here you have to use the paging to load this amount of data, otherwise, your page performance either degrade or will not load completed the request. In this case, you should have to provide the search functionality because user always interested to have their record in second, user don't want to navigate and search on every page

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  • Raghavendra Rao
    May, 2017 4

    Use paging in SPselect ID,Note from(select ID,Note, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (order by ID desc) as Pos from TestTable) as Twhere T.Pos > 1000 and T.Pos < 10030

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  • Ritesh Singh
    Aug, 2016 4


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