Sanwar Ranwa
Is it True that ASP.NET Web API has Replaced WCF?
By Sanwar Ranwa in .NET Core on Jul 18 2018
  • appalanaidu valle
    Oct, 2018 11

    No. Web API is another way of building non-SOAP based services, for example, plain XML or JSON string etc.WCF is still a good choice for following scenarios: If we intended to use transport other than HTTP e.g. TCP, UDP or Named Pipes. Messag Queuing scenario using MSMQ. One-way communication or Duplex communication

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  • Madan Shekar
    Nov, 2018 5

    no both are different WCF - SOAP services WEB API- Rest full services

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  • Jeevanatham Subburaj
    Sep, 2018 28

    if you are developing new app with REST based services.. web api is a good choice..

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  • Ahmed Rob
    Sep, 2019 10


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