Sanwar Ranwa
What is launchsetting.json in ASP.NET Core?
By Sanwar Ranwa in .NET Core on Aug 01 2018
  • Pappu Kumar
    Oct, 2018 4

    This json file holds project specific settings associated with each debug profile, Visual Studio is configured to use to launch the application, including any environment variables that should be used. You can define framework for your project for compilation and debugging for specific profiles. This file is placed in Properties folder.

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  • Vishal Dusane
    Jul, 2019 23

    You will find this file in the “Properties” folder in the project root folder.
    The settings in this file are used when we run this ASP.NET core project either from Visual Studio or by using .NET Core CLI.
    This file is only used on local development machine. We do not need it for publishing our core application.
    If there are certain settings that you want your core application to use when you publish and deploy your app, store them in appsettings.json file. We usually store our application configuration settings in this file.
    We can also have environment specific appsettings.json files. For example, appsettings.Staging.json for the staging environment. In ASP.NET Core, in addition to appsettings.json file, we also have other configuration sources like Environment variables, User Secrets, Command Line Arguments and even our own custom configuration source.**

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