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Sanwar Ranwa
What is the use of UseIISIntegration?
By Sanwar Ranwa in .NET Core onAug 01 2018
  • Pappu Kumar
    Oct, 2018 4

    This json file holds project specific settings associated with each debug profile, Visual Studio is configured to use to launch the application, including any environment variables that should be used. You can define framework for your project for compilation and debugging for specific profiles. This file is placed in Properties folder.

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  • Laxmidhar Sahoo
    Oct, 2018 4

    The ASP.NET Core Module generates a dynamic port to assign to the back-end process. CreateDefaultBuilder calls the UseIISIntegration method, which picks up the dynamic port and configures Kestrel to listen on http://localhost:500For more Details go through the link

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