Suresh Kumar
Mention what are resources in a REST architecture?
By Suresh Kumar in ASP.NET on Nov 01 2017
  • Bohdan Stupak
    Jan, 2018 17

    A resource is an object with a type, associated data, relationships to other resources, and a set of methods that operate on it. It is similar to an object instance in an object-oriented programming language, with the important difference that only a few standard methods are defined for the resource. Each action on the resource has respective HTTP Method: selecting resource is GET, inserting is POST, updating is PUT and deleting is DELETE

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  • Suresh Kumar
    Nov, 2017 1

    Resources are identified by logical URLs; it is the key element of a RESTful design. Unlike, SOAP web services in REST, you view the product data as a resource and this resource should contain all the required information.

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