Dennis Thomas
What all steps you may take for improving the performance of your ASP.NET application?
By Dennis Thomas in ASP.NET on Dec 18 2017
  • Dennis Thomas
    Dec, 2017 18

    Please refer this link for answer:

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  • Sachin Suryawanshi
    Oct, 2018 17

    Caching, SQL Query Optimization, Minification, Lazy loading

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  • Jefferson S. Motta
    Jul, 2018 24

    Test it on and do the recomendation. Uses Google Page Speed on Google Chrome: - wait the aproval of on blog POST entry:

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  • Manav Pandya
    Feb, 2018 8

    improve page response time , use CDN , use code efficiently , re usability , remove unused snippets , use caching etc are performance criteria

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  • Ishoo Anyal
    Oct, 2019 2

    There are tone of ways to do it but in end its a Asp.Net application. The main purpose of this is to get data from db and provide it to end users. Now what if I say you can cache the coming data from db without using cache itself, in form or objects using you code and then just reuse, So next time you dont have to get the same data from DB.
    Now how you do it it’s totally upto your logic and OOPs knowledge.
    Best way to do it is to create region specific singlton objects or company specific or whatever you application demand

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  • Tanweer Khan
    Sep, 2019 11

    Step-1:use Bundling and minification Step2:Use OutputCache Attribute Step3:Clear all view engines ViewEngines.Engines.Clear() in Application_Start() method and add own view engine ViewEngines.Engines.Add(new RazorViewEngine());

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